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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Withdrawal symptoms and other downers

Today was the first day of my self-imposed Level 1 Ice Break Restrictions and it wasn't my best day ever.

I've been restless and lethargic. How's that even possible? A bit moody and glum. Didn't have much patience for the kids' stuffing around this evening. And most telling: working hard to come up with something to write here.

Not that I can blame it all on Ice Break withdrawals. My energy saving measures aren't having as much impact as I'd like and I'm a bit overwhelmed by how much time and effort it's likely to take to establish a productive and sustainable vegetable garden here at home.

So much to do. Looking forward to the Sustainable Living Fair in a couple of weeks. Should be some good inspiration to draw on there.

For now I'm going to curl up with a nice thick sustainable reusable low-energy sci-fi novel and pretend for a bit that it's the aliens which threaten our extinction rather than worrying about us taking care of that for ourselves.

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