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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Leaky loo

Recently our toilet started leaking. Not in an icky way, just that there was a tiny flow of water coming from the cistern into the pan. At night time you'd hear a slow dripping sound. The kind that drives environmentalists totally crazy. Gotta stop the leak.

The guy at Bunnings muttered something obscene and said it'd probably be the seating washer. Eventually figured out which type of washer to buy and dived right in (so to speak) to the task of fixing it.

Good news: I replaced the seating washer and didn't break anything.
Bad news: it didn't fix the leak.

Oh, turns out the Bunnings guy wasn't swearing: there is actually a part of a toilet called the "ballcock" and it has washers that wear out too. No way to tell if my Caroma is a pre-2000 or post-2000 model so I bought both sizes figuring I can return one of them later.

Poking about in the cistern again for a bit. Can't for the life of me figure out how to get at the suspect components. Afraid to pull or twist too hard in case I break something and cause a real problem. Make sure there are no kids around, close my eyes and hit return on a Google search for "ballcock washer". Nothing offensive, but nothing helpful either.

If anybody knows how to get inside one of these things without breaking it, please let me know.

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