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Thursday, 26 April 2007


This is a personal blog. It's for you. It's about you.

Odds are, at least to start with, that you're a part of my family or a close friend. As time goes by there's an increasing chance that you might be a neighbour, a work colleague or somebody I've met a few times.

I'm hoping (and if I keep blogging and you keep reading you'll understand why) that more and more of you are people who live somewhere near me, on the northern fringes of the lovely city of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia. That last bit was, of course, for the benefit of those of you from nowhere near here.

Whoever and wherever you are, welcome.

As you might have picked up from the blurb at the top of this page, I'm going to be posting about stuff that makes me worry about the future of civilization (sometimes almost to despondency) and what I'm doing about it. I mean that in two ways: what I'm doing about the stuff that worries me, as well as what I'm doing about the worry itself.

And that's why this blog is for you. If you haven't yet accepted that there are serious challenges facing humanity (and by association most other living things on this planet) then I hope you'll find some conviction here. If you've grasped the enormity of the problems and want to do your best in response then I hope you'll find some new ideas and inspiration here. And if, like me, you're finding the whole thing dangerously depressing my hope is that somewhere here you'll find some encouragement.

For the first few posts I'm going to lay out some of the big issues which have been weighing on my mind. I almost don't want to do it - the last thing I want is be a spout of doom and gloom - but these are the things which set the context and provide the basis for everything else I'm going to want to say, so it's got to be done. Bear with me for a bit and we'll get to the good stuff before too long.

And yes: I really did feel compelled to choose the green-coloured template for this site.


Grant said...

Hey there. John Baker pointed me to your blog. Really enjoying your posts so far.

Thought you might be interested in a site that WWF has set up:

Looking forward to reading more of your journey.

Regards, Grant

Anonymous said...

Google picked you up

Welcome to NZ

I will enjoy your thoughts and adventures.

We are not alone and surrounded by ignorance, of those who have yet to learn kindness.