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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Caitlin sees the light

I swear this is true.

My son, not quite 3, is an "early to rise" kind of boy. It's almost becoming tolerable as we head towards winter but over summer we were seeing far too much of 4am. This morning it was 6 or so, still quite dark inside with the curtains shut, and I'd already sent Joshua away to play in his room until my preferred rising time of 6:30.

And since everything that goes through his mind comes out his mouth at top volume, he managed to wake his sister fairly soon after that. They were getting on well enough. That's when it happened.

Josh decides it's too dark in his room so he runs and grabs the footstool and turns on the light. Caitlin, only five years old herself, gently says, "No Josh, you don't need to turn the light on. Just open the curtains like I did... see?"


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