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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Back to reality - whatever that is now

For the past two weeks I've been on leave from work following the birth of my new baby daughter. Having a new child in the home is a normal time for disruption and change, and taking a rare break from work amplifies the effect.

As a result I've spent two weeks intensely considering the way my life is lived. I've read dozens of blogs, scientific reports and other websites about a variety of technological and social ideas for reshaping the modern world. I've watched a number of documentaries along the same lines and ordered a book as a result of one of them. I've borrowed a book on composting from a garden-loving neighbour and have taken early steps towards establishing a sustainable organic garden to grow vegetables, fruits and nuts.

I have written to my local state government representative to register my opposition to the idea of mandatory ethanol blending in petrol. I've made phone calls to the University of Sydney and the CSIRO to inquire about progress in the development of new energy technologies. I've even exchanged emails with ANSTO.

I've made brief contact with a local group whose members are working towards sustainable local production of food and other goods and services on the Sunshine Coast.

It was just on two weeks ago that I started reading my own electricity and water meters each morning to get an clear picture of my household's consumption and the effects of our conservation efforts.

And tomorrow... I have to get back to "work".

From a commercial perspective my job boils down to one thing: persuade people to buy more of the company's products. To consume more. Hmmm. And in order to do that I generally need to drive (or fly) all over the place. Double hmmm.

On the plus side my part in being persuasive generally relates to the improvements in creativity, productivity and efficiency which can result from the use of our technology. Our products tend to have a longer useful lifespan than those of our competitors. And the company is pursuing improvements in important areas like reducing the use of toxic materials, design for recycling and other "green" considerations.

But I still wonder whether, in the face of peak oil and the likelihood of forced localisation, my current employment can be sustained in the longer term. As with just about everything else I'm discussing on this blog, I guess I'll just have to do what's possible today and try to prepare as best I can for tomorrow.

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