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Friday, 18 May 2007

Council responds re fluoro disposal

I mentioned recently that I'd received inconsistent advice from Brisbane City Council regarding the proper disposal of compact fluorescent light bulbs, which contain small amounts of mercury.

Here's the latest word from them on that subject:
Dear Mr Brady,

Thanks for your enquiry - we are aware of the new requirements for the safe disposal of fluorescent light bulbs and we have been investigating a number of options to address recycling of fluorescent tubes and globes. However, because there are are no cost effective fluorescent recycling opportunities in Brisbane, it will take some time to establish one.

Until a recycling service is organised, you should place the globe/tube in your general waste bin. Brisbane's engineered landfill has the capacity to accept the minute quantities of phosfor and mercury and mitigate environmental harm.

We will amend the detail on the website until a recycling service is organised.


Anonymous said...

i am currently responsable for composing the 'Recycling & Waste Minimisation Directory" for Brisbane City Council, below are 3 companies for bulb recycling

waste management, brisbane city council 19/07/07

1300 653 442
0400 696 327
Fax: (07) 5548 7758
*Prepaid boxes for tubes or globes

1800 500 052
Mob. 0407 324 429

Ph. 13 1335

TB said...

Hi Anonymous,

I appreciate the information - it's good to know that some kind of recycling service is available in Australia. It's not exactly the sort of solution I was looking for with regard to the disposal of household compact fluorescent bulbs though: these companies deal in commercial quantities and their prices reflect that.

Not meaning to be offensive in any way but this being the internet there's the possibility that you are not who you say you are (ie performing a task on behalf of BCC). Is there any chance you could provide some verification of this?

I would hope that in the near term BCC will provide a no-cost recycling service for the soon-to-be-mandatory CF bulbs. Even a periodic collection service like is provided for large items would be great.