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Friday, 25 May 2007

Down days

I had been wondering what would happen when my initial burst of enthusiasm for sustainability inevitably lost a little of the excitement that comes from starting a new project. Well now I know.

Have had a couple of down days. Haven't read my meters (though I'm still watching the Centameter and aggressively turning things off), have slacked off with the composting, have been using the car a little more than is really necessary, have been indulging in slightly longer showers... and haven't posted anything here.

There are a few things which I can think of which might have contributed to the slump. The biggest one is probably just the feeling of being overwhelmed: the challenges are so huge and I feel so impotent when literally everywhere I turn and in just about everything I do I see our utter dependence on crude oil.

I also come across analysis and predictions from various sources which make it sound like another dark age for humanity is all but inevitable. It's hard to maintain focus and discipline when somebody's telling you it's probably all for nothing.

What I want to hear from people - backed up by reasonable logic and solid data - is that there is a chance to maintain some of what I consider the best and most noble parts of our modern world. Coal and oil have provided the fuel for advances in so many areas: obvious ones like science and technology as well as indirect ones like allowing more time in billions of lives for education, art and social development.

As I look towards 2050 I want to be assured that the vast wealth of knowledge that is a defining characteristic of the current era will be available to all the way it is today - through the continued evolution of the Internet. I want to believe that we can apply our knowledge of natural sciences (with a healthy dose of wisdom from our forebears) to turn our backyards into thriving food gardens without sacrificing the opportunity for education, art and social development of each person. I want to know that my children will have access to at least the same level of health care that has literally saved my life several times over in the past 30 years.

So, after a couple of days of doing nothing terribly worthwhile, I'm going to try and pull myself together tomorrow. Meter readings, composting, disciplined consumption and working for the future... with a good bit of time set aside for fun with the kids, talking with Michelle, reading a book, listening to some music or chatting with the neighbours.

After all, there's not much point worrying about 2050 if I can't enjoy any of the days between now and then.

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