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Monday, 14 May 2007

Weekly stats

I'm reading our electricity and water meters each morning. Every Monday or so I'll report on our average daily consumption for the previous week, and over time I'll work out a simple set of comparisons - maybe this week vs last week, this quarter to date, and last quarter.

The average daily consumption figures for our house with three adults and three children over the past week are:
339 litres of water (vs 423 last quarter);
8.0 kWh of electricity for general use (vs 8.7 last quarter);
6.8 kWh of electricity for heating water (vs 5.4 last quarter).

Anybody care to share their consumption figures from last quarter's electricity or rates notice? If you do, please note how many adults and children were using the resource.


Iain said...

Water: 220 litres per day.
Electricity: 6.5kWh/day on Tariff 11 (no other meters).
Gas: approximately 6 megajoules per day.

Two adults (and one dog :) ) using the above. We're pretty happy with that - the water usage has gone up recently due to our inability to use energy-efficient hot water with a water-efficient shower head on less than standard water pressure. Unfortunate, but we're still well below the 150 or so litres/person/day Brisbane's currently seeing.

TB said...

Nice going with the water there Iain.

Your 6 megajoules of gas energy is equivalent to 1.67kWh of electrical energy. So your total daily energy use including water heating is only 8.17kWh compared to my household's 14.9!

That's a good example of how much more efficient gas is for hot water and cooking compared to electricity, in terms of absolute energy usage. Though if my electricity were generated from solar panels or a wind turbine it would be more sustainable than even natural gas.

I'm so itching to ditch my electric hot water system and put some nice black panels on my roof.