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Sunday, 26 August 2007

And while we're outside...

I snapped a few more pics around the back yard to show you.

First, some actual news: I GOT ONE OF MY TANKS IN PLACE! It's amazing to see it sitting there so neatly and to think back through the amount of effort that's gone into converting a garden bed full of lilies (which I dug out and kept), manure-enriched soil (which I dug out, sieved and kept) and a tree (which I chopped down, dug out and eventually mulched most of) into the besser brick and crusher dust base on which it rests.

The other end of the house isn't quite so satisfying yet. Oh well.

I've mentioned once or twice that to help reduce the amount of solar heating on the western side of the house I installed some shade screens. Initially it was just in front of our bedroom window (the middle screen in the photo) but it made such a difference I bought two more for my study (nearest) and what is now Asha's bedroom. Am considering one or two more for the other end of the house but we never really notice much heat coming through the walls up there.

Last thing to show you is what we've got growing. All in pots so far as we're just getting started and haven't prepared any permanent beds yet.

In the first pic we have two rows of carrots (can you tell that 5-year-old girls were responsible for "lightly sprinkling" seeds along the centre?) and a whole crowd of capsicum plants plus a seedling pot from which a bean vine will hopefully emerge soon.

The second pic is the three cherry tomato plants in their climbing pot, looking a bit battered after the wild weather this week but covered in green berries and still flowering.

Finally our three little strawberry plants which were given to us by one of Michelle's scrapbooking friends.


Crazy Mumma said...

YAY for getting a tank in, well done :-) Your plants are looking terrific too I must say - bring on Spring!

Ali said...

that's a good size tank!!

Our 3000l tank is now 3/4 full thanks to the rain we're having right now. I've worked out that 48ml of rain will fill it :) we need to get another much larger one :)