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Sunday, 9 September 2007

My body goes green

(You're actually reading a post with a title like this? Ew... you're gross...)

Some time ago I made a non-core promise that for the sake of reducing my ecological footprint in terms of water and land use, methane production, oil consumption and waste generation I'd restrict the amount of Ice Break I consume to 375ml per day. Of course I have to call it a non-core promise now because I've utterly failed to keep it. But that's OK if you rename a broken commitment and call it an NCP.

Unfortunately for my vast network of Ice Break suppliers, my body appears to have a higher standard of ethics than that.

I have a heart condition which basically comes down to not being good at keeping a steady rhythm. Lately it's been getting worse. Much worse. And I noticed a pattern - it was worst on the days when I had consumed the most Ice Break. A little bit of experimenting seems to have confirmed that if I drink more than the allocated 375ml in a day I get bad arrhythmia.

In terms of values driving behavioural changes my addiction has so far proven stronger than the idea of preventing some cow farts and giving VISY a few less bottles to recycle. But if drinking less Ice Break is going to stop my heart from skipping like an epileptic wallaby while I'm trying to go to sleep at night then the country air's going to be just that little bit cleaner from now on.

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