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Friday, 28 September 2007

Is it worm breeding season?

I took a peek in my worm farm this morning. Oh my gosh there are a lot of baby worms in there - roughly the thickness of a dressmaking pin and upwards. At least I hope they're baby worms and not some other kind of worm which shouldn't be there. Not to worry, this is an experiment after all.

The lower chamber looks to be almost completely consumed (ie converted to poo) and there's the beginnings of a good layer of castings in the upper chamber too.

After several months of feeding them not much at all, it seems like I now need to step up the pace a bit. Michelle went to a Tupperware party last weekend and ordered a little gadget which might come in really handy for this, though I'm sure that wasn't what she had in mind. More on that one after it's delivered.

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Shea Watt said...

I think it is breeding season. Mine are going off too. I recommend getting the people in your office to drink percolated coffee and feed the grounds to your worms. Also if you happen to have lawnmower clippings or be clipping the hedges after the recent skerricks of rain we had.