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Sunday, 12 August 2007

Progress on the tanks

This weekend I finally got the second and third sides of the in-ground brick border done for the first of my two tanks. The third side is visibly straighter and more level than the second, which in turn looks positively professional compared to the first. Oh well. They'll do the job. That is, if I ever get it all finished - which at this rate is a bit of a concern.

There were a couple of interesting things that came out of today's work. First, I now not only know what a cold chisel is but have purchased and used one so that a brick can butt up smoothly against the concrete apron around the house. And second, I'm now aware that when a brick company describes bricks as being 400mm wide and 200mm high, that includes 10mm of non-brick (ie, empty air) in each dimension to allow for the concrete which typically is found in between each brick. Of course my brickwork includes no concrete and so the result is not quite what I had expected it to be.

Am pleased to note that the advertised width of the brick includes no non-brick components.

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