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Sunday, 5 August 2007

What's the vision?

Something I've been asking myself for some time now is why is so devoid of any clear vision about what a sustainable civilisation might (or should) look like in 43 years time. I don't even have a "vision" label defined yet to apply to a new post. Either I need to come up with something or I need to change the name of the blog.

I guess to date I've been trying to understand some of the issues the world is facing, exploring some of the possible responses and finding out from my own experience what are some of the barriers to change. I've focused largely on energy-related concerns and discovered how easy it is to reduce electricity consumption but how hard it is to break the chains of oil dependence for transport. I've become horrified by our society's concept of "waste" and "waste management". And, at the age of thirty, have just started to learn the language of soil, plants and living systems which was second nature to countless generations of humanity before me.

It's probably a good time to start bringing ideas from all those areas together and forming some kind of picture of a desirable future. I say only "desirable" because it would be foolish to declare something "likely" or even "possible" based on my limited study and the uncertainties surrounding those big issues of peak oil and climate change. But I'm going to try and work on some thoughts of my own as well as link to other people's ideas for the future.

For the next post, though, I will have to revisit some ideas which I'm told I did a bloody poor job of communicating in my first attempt: the subject of human motivation, or why we do anything at all.

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