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Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Don't OVERFEED the worms

I might have mentioned it previously, but I've been wondering why the worm farm instructions make such a big point of not overfeeding the worms without explaining why it's a concern or how you know when you're giving them too much food.

You might have realised this before now but sometimes I'm not very smart. Especially when the answer is a really simple one.

If you give worms too much food... they don't eat it all and it goes bad. Humans and worms both want to stay away when this happens.

I'm quite happily forgiving myself for not getting this right on the first go. There's no sign that any worms have suffered as a result. Hopefully all that's necessary is to dump out the bad stuff and try again with smaller amounts - which is what I've done.

Learned a number of small things along the way too...
- carrot tops can sprout when kept in a dark, moist, nutrient-rich environment
- compost worms don't appear to be able to bite raw carrot very well
- a few vinegar flies is not a problem, but lots of them indicates a problem
- compost worms prefer food that has been really finely chopped, but not blended
- the little critters can move surprisingly quick when they want to

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