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Saturday, 14 July 2007

Tanks update

First, there's some disturbing tank news from Sydney. I don't approve of this kind of activity - it's a terrible waste of fossil fuel resources and this rate of destruction of mobile phone tower forests is simply not sustainable!

And do you suppose the electricity company will get a rebate for installing a tank at their substation?

Sorry, I shouldn't be amused by that kind of thing but it has a comical aspect I find hard to ignore. So anyway...

Am getting serious this weekend with my water tank installation. First step is to dig out the footing area for the tanks - some 12.5 square meters to a depth of about 150-200mm, and I'm doing it all by hand. Remember I'm an IT guy, not a builder, so this is a big project for me.

If I manage to get that excavated today I'll look at obtaining some treated wood for the borders and some sand and crusher dust for the base tomorrow. My gut feeling is that I'm being overly optimistic there. Will do my best though.

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