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Friday, 20 July 2007

I declare the Weekend of the Worm

Some things were just meant to be. After my mice-infested compost disaster last weekend I've been exchanging comments with Crazy Mumma (her blog here) about the idea of using worms to process kitchen scraps instead of putting them outside where they become food for vermin instead of plants.

CM gave me a link to some instructions on building your own worm farm on the cheap, and now Colin (aka No Impact Man) has just posted his own DIY worm farm tips as well! There's absolutely no excuse left now.

This weekend I'm getting worms. I dare you to join me! (That means you, CM!)


Crazy Mumma said...

Hey Terry, I'm in! I just got notice from a lady on Freecycle that has a worm farm she isn't using, so I'm hoping to pick it this week. Then I'll be good to go! Good luck :-) Cheers, Julie.

TB said...

Wow, that's crazy luck! (Thanks for wishing some of it in my direction.) Grab yer worms and get decomposing.