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Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Spark and Splash Stats for you to use

Spur of the moment thing here. I've been using the free online spreadsheet service at Google Docs for a number of things including tracking my electrical and water consumption. I find it simple and useful and it occurred to me that maybe it's worth sharing.

So I've created a template which you can either download as an Excel file or use online like I do. There are two parts to this.

One sheet lets you record your own meter readings. It shows you your average daily consumption over the period from the first to the last reading. With a little bit of copy and paste work you also get differential figures showing how your consumption changes from reading to reading.

The other sheet is designed to keep track over longer periods based on your utility bills. Enter the date of the bill and the average daily use over the period that bill covers, and you'll get a nice graph for your trouble. I've put two example entries in which you can delete and replace with your own data. As you add new data you'll need to tell the graph to incorporate that as well. It's not hard, but ping me in the comments if you want any help with that.

You need a (free) Google account to use this, and it works best in FireFox from what I can tell. Without any further ado... you can check it out here. You'll need to either export it as a file to your computer or copy it to your own Google account to use online before you're able to change any fields.

Comments and questions would be welcome.

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