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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Stats update

I haven't exactly been inundated with requests for the latest figures on our electricity and water consumption, and to be honest I haven't been paying close attention since the Centameter went back to Mr S.

But this week Caitlin's class at school is embarking on a month-long project to monitor and hopefully reduce their household water consumption. That's a great prompt to get me out in the cold mornings again reading meters.

The last time I checked the figures was the 19th June, so it's been almost a month. I've been wondering recently whether our consumption would have returned to its previous levels without the daily focus on stats. What I found this morning was encouraging.

Over the past 26 days we averaged 7.01kWh of general electrical consumption. That's a slight decrease compared to the previous figures. Our electricity bill came in mid June and it shows an average over the entire past quarter of 7.98kWh per day so we've definitely improved there.

The stats for water heating are more complex. I was pretty happy with what I'd measured between the 8th of May and the 19th of June: an average of 6.63kWh per day, compared to 5.4 the previous (summer) quarter and 7.2 in the year-ago autumn quarter. But the bill from AGL shows that for the autumn quarter as a whole we actually got down to 5.6! That's a significant improvement.

However... in the past 26 days our hot water heating has accounted for 7.19kWh per day. This is probably to be expected with the persistently cold weather and a relaxing of water use discipline. And it's still well under the previous winter quarter's average of 9.0. Still plenty of winter to come though, so we'll see.

Speaking of water use discipline, our average daily water consumption during the past 26 days has been 379 litres. That's definitely up from the previous six week average of 324. Put it down to longer showers and an increase in the kids' bed-wetting. There's a bright side to the increase though: it gives Caitlin a better chance of seeing some improvement in the second half of her school project.

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