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Friday, 28 December 2007

A season for everything, even blogging

Last post November 18th. Hmm.

When I started this blog, I made a point of it being for "you". "You" turned out to be not that interested, or perhaps just unaware that I was doing it. Such is the world of amateur blogging as far as I can tell, and that's OK. It seems that most amateur blogging tends to be a personal, cathartic thing - certainly that's been the case for me even though I didn't expect it to be so.

Things may remain quiet around here for a while, apart from a couple of quick updates I'm thinking of posting since I'm sitting here anyway. January will continue to be really busy for me at work and the family has to take priority over blogging. If anybody has any ideas for a post or any questions about anything, drop me a line in the comments.



Ian said...

I'm still reading and interested in whatever you choose to write about, FWIW :-)



Tim Norton said...

I'm nearly always silently reading, but your blog is great! An inspiration for me to do the same. :)

TB said...

Sweet, thanks Tim. :-)

Your profile says you're a political adviser. Who do advise, and what kind of thing do tell them?

Oh, and your web sites look a hell of a lot better than this default template. Nice work.

TB said...

Oh - nevermind Tim, I found you via Google. Thought the name was familiar.