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Friday, 28 December 2007

It's not easy being Green (Powered)

In the past I've sung the praises of GreenSwitch as an easy and relatively economical way to source renewable energy for your household's consumption while investing in reputable Australian renewable energy projects. That's still the case, but less so than it used to be: GreenSwitch no longer allows transactions less than $75 in value. My own requirements for the previous quarter only come to about two thirds of that, so they wouldn't let me buy.

For anybody in South-East Queensland, be aware that our major electricity retailers, AGL and Origin Energy, currently don't offer 100% certified GreenPower plans to Qld customers. I can't get a straight answer out of them as to why that's so and what they are currently able to offer is pretty pathetic. It's a pity though, because their 5.5c/kWh premium is now a fraction cheaper than GreenSwitch, which has risen to 6c/kWh.

If you really want less than 1250kWh of 100% GreenPower and you want it now, try ClimateFriendly for around 6.5c/kWh.

I could hold on for the next quarterly bill and buy six months worth of green energy in one go... except that I'm predicting continually increasing energy prices. Will ponder.


alison said...


I have just been told about the following site... thought you might be interested:

TB said...

Thanks Alison. You are quite right: I am very interested. In fact I was already signed up! :-)