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Monday, 12 November 2007

Water under control

A couple of weeks back I was shocked to see that over a ten day period our water use had shot up to 507L per day, on average. Since then we've renewed our vigilance and made a real effort to get water use back down to where it had been.

The results are satisfying. For the two weeks ending this morning our average consumption is back down to 320L per day, which is slightly better than where we were tracking before.

Helping the cause is our new Shower Saver. I can't imagine using it much in winter, but what a brilliant idea this is. Every shower should have one.

Also, our water tanks are full and overflowing! With all the recent rain there's not been much need for outdoor water use, so I'm eagerly awaiting a call from a mob to come and quote on installing a pump and some internal taps for the toilet and washing machine. I'm really looking forward to seeing how low our mains water consumption can go once those are hooked up.

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Crazy Mumma said...

Isn't the shower saver great? We installed ours before last winter, and it *was* rather chilly I have to say! Excellent news that your tanks are full. Mine is overflowing - how I would love to have the room for a decent sized one...