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Monday, 12 November 2007

Top Aussie: "Carbon-free economy" by 2050

From the ABC:
The Australian of the Year [Professor Tim Flannery] has told an energy conference in Sydney that climate change is occurring more quickly than at first thought and time is running out to make substantial emission reductions... "what that really means is that four decades from now we have to be living in a carbon-free economy."

Wake up, Australia, before the Great Barrier Reef and Bondi Beach become nothing more than stories we tell our grandkids. That is if society survives long enough for us to have grandkids.

Whatever you think about the economy or health or education, the most important issues this election are climate change and sustainability. Please vote for the long term, not just the next term.

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Michelle B said...

nfortunately it is hard to get people to vote past their next mortgage payment. Not that I am putting that as an excuse, more an unfortunate reality. No-one wants to own the unfortunate reality that the future is shaping up to be. It's much more important to have all the good things now and to make it the kids problem.