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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Stats Update

It's 19 days since my last stats update, when the tank levels had fallen so low I switched the washing machine and toilet back to using mains water. I had calculated at the time that we had been using about 250L/day of tank water plus almost 200L from the mains. It's no surprise then that our recent mains consumption has been...


More than we were using over summer, but back then we had #3 in disposable nappies and now we're washing cloth ones almost daily. Less than I estimated we were using in the previous period... we are probably a bit more diligent with our conservation knowing we're back on mains supply.

After a month of zero rainfall, last weekend delivered a lovely little squall and dumped 14mm on us in under an hour. Approx 2.2kL added to the tanks, around 30cm above empty now. With the prospect for winter rains looking grim I switched the toilet back to tank water but left the washing machine on mains.

Power consumption for the past few weeks fell to the second-lowest reading this year: 7.3kWh per day (304W continuous).

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