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Monday, 5 May 2008

Empty (stats update)

On the morning of the 29th March my rain gauge reported 13mm of rain had fallen in the previous 24 hours, and my tanks were full. In the intervening 37 days we have had just 11.5mm of additional rainfall and now the tanks are just about empty.

I've learned a few things. Like, my water level gauge is inaccurate: properly calibrated to indicate the "full" height, it reaches empty before the tanks do. That's OK, I can compensate for that in my calculations. I know that we've been using around 250L per day on average, and that full tanks would last 32 days at that rate. And now I need another 50mm or more of rain to fill them up again.

So the washing machine and toilet are getting switched back to mains water today. We'll use up whatever's left in the tank to fill the nappy soaking bucket.

In the meantime, here are our latest stats for mains water and electricity use over the past 16 days. We've had a guest for half of that which has pushed the water figure up a little.

Electricity: 7.81kWh per day (326W continuous)
Water: 207L per day

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