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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Water update

Two days have passed since the discovery that our household water use had shot up unexpectedly. I just read the meter again: an average of 424L per day for the past two days. That's better than 507 over the previous ten but still well up on our previous benchmark of under 350.

To test the idea that maybe our new water heater was wasting a lot of water by being over-heated, I placed a bucket beneath the overflow pipe. There's water there, for sure, but it's nowhere near the missing 75L per day. After two sunny days the bucket is about half full - we can use that water safely on the gardens so I don't have any real concern about that.

So we come back to the possibility of a leak, or a change in our behaviours. We'll focus on the behaviours first, maybe keep a log of our water use activities during the day. I'd really like to get those figures back to where they were without having to pay a plumber.

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