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Friday, 26 October 2007

Ebb and flow

Over the past 24 hours my attention has switched from finding missing water to managing unexpected water. We've had some short but heavy showers and something that could reasonably be called a storm, and so it is that my tanks are finally being put to use.

As best I can tell, the southern tank has about 20-30cm of water in it and the northern one about 30-40cm. If that's right then we've caught a bit over two thousand litres. It would have been substantially more in the northern tank if I'd managed to clean out the gutters before the rain came. But I didn't, and debris clogged up the pipe causing the water to back up and flow over the sides.

I'm pretty excited about having water in there, even though we can't actually use any of it yet. It's not high enough to come out of the bucket taps and I don't have any pipes or pump connected to the ground-level outlet. Still some work to do.

This weekend I have two tank tasks which must be completed. I need to get a rubber... thing... to properly seal the overflow outlets, and I need to clean the gutters. I'd also like to fit the gauge which I got replaced today, and if everything's really cruising along perhaps put in the connecting pipe.

And in the back of my mind I still have to figure out why we're using so much more water recently. Going to be a wet weekend, at least in my head.


Ian said...

A rubber... grommet?



TB said...

A grommet has the right shape but lacks the implication of sealing the hole. "Flange" or "collar" might be more accurate.

But in the end it doesn't matter because I solved the problem a different way. See next post.