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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Quick one.

Somewhere in March we took up the State Government's ClimartSmart Home Service and had a power meter installed. I thought it wasn't reading very accurately because the figures it was showing recently seemed quite a bit lower than the trend I'd been tracking through the regular meters.

But I hadn't read the meters for about six weeks. Did it just now - and our consumption has dropped again, down to just 6.57kWh/day for the past 44 days.

Apart from the fridge needing a bit less power thanks to cooler weather (1.2 instead of 1.5) we think the biggest drop comes from stopping our 4-yo son from having a pedestal fan blowing on his face all night, which he became accustomed to over summer. He liked it on the fastest setting.

I'll have to plug it in and measure its power draw to see if the numbers are in the right ballpark.


Anonymous said...

being a clipon current transformer the climatesmart meters don't correctly account for power factor and there will overstate certain loads.

TB said...

Good point, and I don't use the ClimateSmart meter for record keeping. It's just a handy indicator of real-time consumption.

My stats are based on three other meters which I do consider reliable:
1. The cumulative AC power output meter on my PV system's inverter
2. The input/output meter supplied by Energex
3. A couple of Jaycar outlet meters for the fridge and computer