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Monday, 24 November 2008

Stats Update

Initial figures from the meter attached to the fridge are good. Including the initial cooling effort required after turning it on for the first time, it's averaged about 1.4kWh per day over the past four days. I've reset the meter this morning to correspond with reading all the other meters so I'll be able to build up a better picture of it over time.

The other energy figures are also good. For the past 39 days:
- PV generation up to 4.62 kWh/day
- Household consumption down to 7.88 kWh/day
- Export up to 2.26 kWh/day

We've had more than enough rain recently so the tanks are still supplying water for laundry, toilet and gardening. Hot water system needed boosting one evening during the rainy period but is otherwise cracking along in the spring sunshine. Our recent rates notice showed us maintaining a significantly lower consumption than our neighbours and so I haven't bothered keeping a close eye on the water meter.

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