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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Wet wet wet

I bought a rain gauge a couple of months ago. Managed to resist the impulse to start making daily records. Well, up until a week ago, anyway.

The way our gutters are set up, we can capture the rainfall from about 160 square metres of roof. That means for every millimetre of rain in the gauge about 160L flows into the tanks.

Over the past five days we've had 90mm of rain. That's almost fifteen thousand litres!

Beyond just my own backyard, the whole region is breathing a little easier with significant flows into our water storage dams. From a low of around 17% late last year, storage has almost doubled to around one third of capacity.


Sonya said...


Just found your blog, I'm up on the Sunny Coast trying to do my bit to prepare for peak oil etc. Will have a browse though your site - looks interesting.


TB said...

Hey Sonya,

Thanks for dropping by. You've beautifully understated the work you're doing in your area - I frequently wish I lived on the coast so I could be a part of that.

Comments, suggestions, referrals for other people near me to talk to... all would be most welcome.