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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

High Tech, Low Power and Less Nasty

I have deliberately kept my work and my blog separate. The high tech company I work for has a very strict policy about the way employees represent it in public and it's a line I never want to cross.

Suffice for me to say, my employer has just released a new model of ultra-portable no-compromise laptop computer. It has a full-size screen and keyboard, runs the full version of our latest operating system, uses a fully modern Intel processor... and according to the published specs has an average power consumption of just 8W. Yes I have a tradition of liking this company's products but that little stat particularly impressed me.

It's also nice to see attention given to things like the materials choices (making use of aluminium for its recycling value, eliminating PVCs and BFRs etc) and packaging (smaller packaging increases transport efficiency, materials also selected for recycling).

And the best thing is that it's not just my employer who's doing this - lots of other companies are making actual improvements in their environmental impact. I wonder how far they can go with it by 2050.

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