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Saturday, 30 June 2007

Terry, Terry, quite contrerry

"How does your garden grow?"

Well, my tomatoes are flowering like mad and starting to set some fruit:

Plus, a few weeks back we used a couple of capsicums to make dinner - one red, one green. Rather than tossing the cores straight into the compost Michelle suggested that we could try putting the seeds into the pot which had failed to grow any strawberries.

With nothing to lose the kids and I loosened the top centimetre or so of soil and scattered dozens of seeds. Seeds from the red fruit went at one end and seeds from the green one at the other. I turned the soil over a little so that some seeds were buried and others exposed on the surface. Then the pot was placed in the warmest, sunniest spot I could find and we let it go.

For quite a while absolutely nothing happened. There weren't even any weeds since Josh and I had carefully pulled all of them out of this pot when we tried our second batch of strawberry seeds. I figured that either the fruit had been sterilised by radiation treatment or it was a non-viable commercial breed. But a few days ago Michelle went out to hang some washing and noticed a fuzz of unfamiliar green shoots popping up:

They're only small things, I know, but they're a big boost for my morale. And hopefully an important learning experience for my children as they themselves grow up in a society so out of touch with the natural world.

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Crazy Mumma said...

Well done! I am new to veggie gardening myself so I still think seeds actually germinating is *way* cool, LOL. here's hoping you get some fab capsicums plants out them :-) By the way, red and green capsicums come off the same plant, the red ones have just been on the plant longer so are "riper". Cheers :-)